With Apollo at the Arnprior Market, August 26, 2018.


Celtfest 2018


Interesting Location to busk… Naismith statue… one of my grade six/seven teachers, Mr. Naismith (of course), was related to Dr. Naismith, inventor of basketball.



Ready to start…



Decided to start with Tin Whistle. Look closely at this photo. 🙂




It’s a Long Way to Tipperary


After busking for a couple of hours, headed to Gemmill Park and checked out the vendors there. Some cool stuff, indeed… photo to follow later. 🙂




Headliner, Heather Rankin(!), during soundcheck before her show started, asked her piano player if she had her clothespins. Yes, she said, “clothespins”, which drew my attention here. Please refer back to earlier photo with “Look closely… :)” included in the caption. 🙂 Great minds 😉


Heather has put together a great songlist for this show. One of my favourites is this “throwback” from “The Rankin Family” Bells



Great musician, charming performer. Lovely show!




Cool stuff, see? 🙂
This guy’s name is Liam, but he plays Tin Whistle like Tommy. 😀



^ Click Silver & Indelible’s poster to see their film^

Beautiful Silver girl passed on April 2, 2018. Such a sweet, strong, courageous, loving soul- she’s moved onward with Auntie Daisy, Auntie Snug, and Uncle Zorro. Her sister, Del, and her daughters are here and it’s difficult to see them “without” her, but the whole truth is we will never be without her, or any who’ve moved onward. We are together, eternally.

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Busker girl :)

The Arnprior Sunday Market‘s been going well for Musicalmagicalaurie. 🙂 The public’s been quite supportive. People seem to enjoy what I do and I make a fair bit more than minimum wage most days- very encouraging! One more Sunday left in the season- Sept. 24, 2017.  I’ve had a lot of fun with character and costume considerations for this project, indeed. Character’s me,  I think. 🙂 But I’ve been performing public domain traditional and folk songs so there’s definitely period vibe and I’ve had alot of fun thinking perhaps there’s some gypsy in the character. Like I was just passing through Arnprior and landed on this corner to stop and have a go at giving folks some tunes. Kind of like the girls selling flowers on the street back in the day, or something.  I love period works and this has been a make your own work project I’ve quite enjoyed. I don’t know if I’ll get to wear my Jones New York dress that I picked up at our local thrift store for 4 or 5 dollars, I think it was 4, don’t remember now. I’ve been weighing it in my mind. I think it could work- hello, flower selling girl found this in the Goodwill bin, how fortunate! 🙂 We’ll see- supposed to be pretty warm weather. I’ve taken some promo photos with the dress (pale lime green), anyway. 🙂 Some others with my various costume choices, too. Most of the clothing pieces, including the shoes (gifted), were gifted to me or thrift shop purchases. The brown gauchos were purchased new from Thailand, though- love them, as you may have noticed here, previously. 🙂

















A couple of weeks ago, after I played my first song- 2 fives! Got one before the song, and one after. 🙂 You can see the bottom of my “Camptown Races” dress.


Scene 0 (

Musicalmagicalaurie :)

DSCF3347 (2)

Busking at the Arnprior Market. August 6, 2017



 Arnprior Market busking again, August 13, 2017

Costume Design

If you check out my posts at The Magic Cafe down at the bottom of the forum in The Clothes We Wear, you’ll see I’ve been working on costume design for the new set/show that’s in development.  Got a few pics today. Here’s one:


Magicalaurie’s Music

magicalauriesmusiccurrently on display at the Arnprior Public Library Corridor.

This painting is a recreation of a moment that I, as a music lover, was lucky enough to share with Viking, the cow.  When I was staying at my Dad’s back in 2000, I think it was, I often would bring my guitar out to the barnyard and sit on the upside down (winter) water tank and play.

I’d inevitably be joined by the “watertank gang” of cats, sitting up on the tank, on the playbook, and on me, if they could manage it.  As the available space on the tank was taken up, the rest of the hayseeds 🙂 took up their chosen seats on the ground surrounding.  Great crowd. What fun to sit out there with them in the sun and play and sing. They were most supportive, indeed.

One evening, Viking stopped, very close, and just stood, facing me intently, and listened to an entire song.  When it was over, she paused a moment, before turning and heading down to the river for a drink.  One of the best audiences any musician will ever have. So polite.  It happened a little differently than the painting shows, if I recall correctly.  As I recall she just looked and listened, I don’t think she did any chewing. Just one of the most interested, appreciative, and respectful individuals I’ve ever played for.

I painted this after hearing the local library was holding an event with a music theme and was seeking art to display.

I’ll be painting more of Viking’s “haystack gang” (those who are fans will note The Waltons’ references. 🙂 ) Many of the cats were named after the Waltons characters that year- Yancy, Delia, Corabeth, Jason, Jim-Bob, John-Boy, Zeb, etc., and one of the heifers was named Livvy, and a calf was named Ike.  Guess who did the naming. 😉  Just a beautiful bunch I’m so blessed to have engaged with.

I’m still working on the custom card deck- Magicalaurie’s Custom Cow Cards. The entire deck will be of cows- each card featuring a bovine I’ve known and loved. I’ve got several started to various degrees, and a couple completely drawn. Finish those and I’ll have about 45 or so to go, if I want to include some bonus jokers.  I’ll likely use this image of Viking, probably leave out the strap and get her nose in there. Refine a few things. Might keep that piece of hay in there, though, we’ll see. 🙂 I get a little intimidated by this project, all those cowlicks 😉 , but working on this has inspired my confidence and I enjoy the work, so lots more on the way…