This photo was taken circa 1980 by my uncle, Evert Telgen Jr., when he and Aunt Gail camped down at the Carp River, on my Dad’s property. He recently gave a photo album to my twin sister, Tracey, and I, and this treasure was located within. Left to right: Mom, Tracey, Uncle Evert’s dog- Lobo, Dad, and me. Looks like Mom had recently gotten her cast removed from her left arm.

Wearable Mock-Up

This style of short pants didn’t used to be my favourite, but I quite like them now and find them stylish! 🙂 I especially like the button detailing of the cuff below the knee, and I made a pair of matching braces (button suspenders) for this pair, because they’re pretty big in the waist. I’m not sure how much of the braces you’ll be seeing, because traditionally they were considered undergarments. They were, generally, openly worn with workwear, though, and that’s kind of wear my style lands, so, perhaps disregard my previous sentence. 😉 These knickerbocker breeches are very comfortable and convenient for summer- with or without the knee socks. I thought the knee socks might be uncomfortable, but they, too, are very comfortable and make a good sunscreen if one is looking for one, indeed. I am in the process of making another pair of these and may even make a third. Welcome to a new staple of my increasingly Edwardian- 1920s style -yay!- wardrobe!

I found a lovely 1920s dress on Etsy yesterday for 30% ie. about $100.00 off the regular price, so, naturally, being the bargain hunter/thrifty girl I am, I bought it. I’m very fortunate- I wasn’t sure I’d ever be in a position to acquire a few extant pieces. Of course, my criteria include: great price, wearable, fits me! will wear it! This is the third extant garment I’ve purchased, and shipping all the way from Norway cost under $30.00 CAD, too! So, I now will have several authentic, historical wardrobe pieces to wear for performances, and generally. I’m becoming much more comfortable, too, at making my own.

Martha Corinne reveal prelim

I did some preliminary filming last evening for the Martha Corinne official reveal, while also acquiring some footage for use in the #EdwardianMay challenge going on over at Instagram right now (multitasklaurie 🙂 ).

I need to change the boots, I know. They’re o.k. in a pinch at the right angles, but they are really too clunky for Martha Corinne, and I’m working on coming up with something more refined (watch for it. 🙂 )

There are parallels in Martha Corinne, to a character I played in my first year of the college theatre arts program I attended: Niobe of Timberlake Wertenbaker’s The Love of the Nightingale . In particular, at least in our presentation, (I don’t recall for certain if it was scripted, though I think it was) a flower reference. Physicality and grit of the character, too.

Here are several stills where I pick up on having hit a slight Martha Corinne vibe. I need to walk around in this outfit, with proper shoes, and Martha Corinne mindset, alot more, and will be doing so more intensively in the next little while to hopefully extend the momentary glimpses and sustain characterization. Everything is blooming here now, so I’m hoping to capture something cinematic 🙂

The bonnet

I made the bonnet quickly, under deadline pressure. It’s a synthetic material, I think. I’m going to remake one with a brown calico cotton, that I think will drape more characteristically of Martha Corinne’s bonnet. The slats may need some adjustment, too. Here are a few more stills with the current one:

The Table

I’ll be sizing them down a little more precisely, and adding a bottom to the table, with spacers for the drawers, I think, so they’ll function smoothly. The drawer pulls are quite tiny, so they could pose a challenge…. to be continued…

Not so Elusive, afterall!

Watch for video about the walking stick that greeted me at the Antiques, Etc. door! I thought I’d have difficulty finding a local match for Martha Corinne’s cane, but found one easily, and inexpensively, too! About $17.00 CAD. Video should be on my channel this weekend. 🙂