New set


I’m  thinking about what I’d like to put into a new magic set. Might use a solid set I’ve already tested and adjust presentation.  I think I’ll start there. There’s so much magic and it all takes time.  I’d like to work on some different things but that can happen after I get back in the saddle, so to speak.  I haven’t been practicing for months.  A few of the things I practiced months ago have merit, though, so that’s something.  🙂  I want to work in some of the new establishments in town.  I want to work simply but impactfully and I’ve got some nice props I want to put to use that will really help in that direction, I believe.  Roth’s okito box set, for one. I’ve used it a little, but there’s so much more I could get out of it. That’s one I was working with earlier this year. And the coins.  I love coin magic.  Just strikes me as magical for some reason, even though the whole concept of money is nearly in diametric opposition to my life philosophy.  Look for the contradictions, they say.  That’s what makes a character interesting.  And find the shoes, the shoes- start there.  Now we’re in theatre, acting, maybe writing, directing- it’s all connected, though, so still on topic, I am.  🙂

There’s a new place in town and maybe I’ll just go ahead and put myself on the line and say it out loud: Lumbertown Ale House.  I think I can put something together that would work great there.

The chronic standing or sitting issue is nagging me a bit.  I’m used to working seated but want to be versatile, so that criteria is in place.  That gets me thinking back to some things I learned from Roth a few years ago.  Chanin Coin Production & Victor Coins to Cup. Now the question arises: which cup? I’ve got a few very nice cups. I think I know which silk, but I could go a few different ways on the cup… interesting. Maybe I can find some pics for you. 🙂

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