Not so Elusive, afterall!

Watch for video about the walking stick that greeted me at the Antiques, Etc. door! I thought I’d have difficulty finding a local match for Martha Corinne’s cane, but found one easily, and inexpensively, too! About $17.00 CAD. Video should be on my channel this weekend. 🙂

Visiting Day :)

Under time pressure, I filmed some get ready video for the Martha Corinne Walton costume interpretation & recreation project. I didn’t end up using it by the deadline. The characterization wasn’t as there as I would have liked. But, I’ve decided since, that there was some usable footage, and there is value in its minimalist qualities, I think. It’s a prequel. 🙂 Watch for its sequel, the official reveal video featuring the remaining costume prop portions of the outfit. On location! My sister and I are purchasing a property, which we will take possession of on October 29. Built probably around 1920, with great antique, period, original features, and the coolest little barn I think I’ve ever seen! Our mother will be joining us for the move. I will be filming there in costume ASAP. 🙂 For now, check out my youtube channel, if you haven’t already, for plenty of footage of this costume project. Here’s the link to the get ready:

Martha Corinne Progress

The outfit is finished and I’m happy with the components I managed to come up with in time for its feature in Costube Symposium 2021. I would like to acquire a pair of historically accurate boots and will be on the lookout for those. Today, however, I visited one of our local antique stores for the first time in quite awhile and immediately upon entering I was faced with the accessory I expected to have some difficulty acquiring locally. On the contrary, it fairly greeted me at the door! I’ll be uploading a video about it as soon as possible. 🙂

I purchased a couple of antique brooches from Etsy- including the one pictured. It is shown more thoroughly in the photo on my Contact page. There will be video about those, as well, on the Martha Corinne Walton playlist on my YouTube channel.

I picked up some very cool souvenir spoons at Antiques, Etcetera, also. More about them to follow, too. 🙂 Now that I’m nearly done with the Martha Corinne project, I’m going to get back to work on my close-up magic wildlife set. I discuss that a little in part 4 of the Martha Corinne dress video series, which will be uploaded sometime in the next week.