Searchlight 2020 Voting Day 10!


Round 1 Voting for #Searchlight2020 closes at 3p.m. Eastern/ 12p.m. Pacific today, so if you want to vote, you’ll need to do so before then.  Link:

Likes, shares, comments are also extremely helpful- I value your insight.  Thank you so much for the support  you’re providing. ♥    

This can be a vulnerable place to be, and it’s been encouraging and heartwarming to receive support for this song because it matters to me on a personal level. Thank you for letting me share Michael with you and for joining me in celebrating her.  ♥  

100 entries will move forward to Round 2- 50 based on public voting, and 50 based on internal judges’ choices.

Searchlight 2020 Voting Day 9!

Extra! Extra! Last full day to vote! Extra! Extra! Enjoy your day!

Here is the link to vote, from anywhere in the world, on your devices, for “Hey Girl” in CBC’s #Searchlight2020:

Voting will close Thursday, February 13th at 3 p.m. Eastern/ 12p.m. Pacific, so this is the last full day to vote, like, and share, and every bit counts! Thank you so much for the support you have offered. I am grateful.

Above is another photo of Michael’s first calf, Robin, with one of the boys in her gang.


Searchlight 2020 Voting Day 8

Day 8 of 10 for Round 1 Voting in #Searchlight2020.  I have received wonderful, kind support thus far and certainly appreciate it very much.  Here’s a photo of Michael’s first calf, Robin, with one of her troupe.  Check out the pose- does that look familiar? 🙂 Thank you for your time, interest, and support. Again, here’s the link to vote:

robin (1)

Searchlight2020 Voting Day 7

We’re one week in! Brush that snow off and keep voting daily for “Hey Girl”, if you will, please. Every vote counts in a big way and likes and shares do too! Thank you so much for your support! Here is the link:


68774_10150294009155548_5540762_n (3)

Searchlight 2020 Voting Day 6

Just got back from Arnprior Public Library’s “Share the Stage” open mic, where I played “Hey Girl”, and a couple others.

Here’s the link to vote for “Hey Girl”, if you would, daily thru Feb. 13:

Thank you again, for your support. I appreciate it. #Searchlight2020


Searchlight 2020 Voting Day 5


We’re at the Mid way point for Round 1 of CBC #Searchlight2020! Please, if you would, continue voting daily through February 13 for Hey Girl. Likes and Shares are also very helpful.  Link:

Michael trivia: Favourite treats: clover- especially the pink, and Hawthorn berries.


Searchlight 2020 Voting Day 4


It’s Voting Day 4 in #Searchlight2020.  Here’s my link: If you would, please vote, like, share daily, from anywhere in the world. Multiple devices seem to be allowed. Round 1 voting continues daily through February 13, after which 100 will move forward to Round 2, 50 of those by popular vote, the other 50 by judges’ choice.  Thank you for all of your support. I appreciate it greatly!

Here’s a little inside information about Michael’s ear tag(s): I first put in a blue #45 in her left ear, but it didn’t clip properly, so I replaced it with a #44. Later, I put a #100 in her right ear.






Searchlight 2020 Voting Day 3


It’s CBC #Searchlight2020 ‘s Voting Day 3. Link: Please like, share, and vote daily, if you would. Thank you so much for your interest, and time. Your support is greatly appreciated! You can vote daily from anywhere in the world through February 13. 💜🌄💡🐮🔦🎶🎼🎵🎤🌹💐📻💞🙊🙈🙉