Martha Corinne Progress

The outfit is finished and I’m happy with the components I managed to come up with in time for its feature in Costube Symposium 2021. I would like to acquire a pair of historically accurate boots and will be on the lookout for those. Today, however, I visited one of our local antique stores for the first time in quite awhile and immediately upon entering I was faced with the accessory I expected to have some difficulty acquiring locally. On the contrary, it fairly greeted me at the door! I’ll be uploading a video about it as soon as possible. 🙂

I purchased a couple of antique brooches from Etsy- including the one pictured. It is shown more thoroughly in the photo on my Contact page. There will be video about those, as well, on the Martha Corinne Walton playlist on my YouTube channel.

I picked up some very cool souvenir spoons at Antiques, Etcetera, also. More about them to follow, too. 🙂 Now that I’m nearly done with the Martha Corinne project, I’m going to get back to work on my close-up magic wildlife set. I discuss that a little in part 4 of the Martha Corinne dress video series, which will be uploaded sometime in the next week.

Searchlight 2020 Voting Day 10!


Round 1 Voting for #Searchlight2020 closes at 3p.m. Eastern/ 12p.m. Pacific today, so if you want to vote, you’ll need to do so before then.  Link:

Likes, shares, comments are also extremely helpful- I value your insight.  Thank you so much for the support  you’re providing. ♥    

This can be a vulnerable place to be, and it’s been encouraging and heartwarming to receive support for this song because it matters to me on a personal level. Thank you for letting me share Michael with you and for joining me in celebrating her.  ♥  

100 entries will move forward to Round 2- 50 based on public voting, and 50 based on internal judges’ choices.

Costume Design

If you check out my posts at The Magic Cafe down at the bottom of the forum in The Clothes We Wear, you’ll see I’ve been working on costume design for the new set/show that’s in development.  Got a few pics today. Here’s one:


Empowerment through the classic palm. :)


I remembered this great keychain today.  I found it in a second-hand shop several years ago. At the time, he was one dusty beaver who hadn’t seen a pond in awhile. 🙂  I brought him home and gave him a bath… and put him away. He’ll work great in the new set, I think.

I really have so many cool pieces I’ve picked up over the last decade or so, and haven’t used them yet.  I think most magicians are also collectors… of books, of coins, of magic, of methods… one piece leads to another and I love artistic pieces, especially if I can find them inexpensively- then I feel like I’ve really accomplished something. We’re treasure hunters, indeed.

Well, I picked up a fairly large “coin” (actually an art medal, but same difference 🙂 ) today, in my hand and palmed it. CP took a few tries because it’s not milled. Once I got a little more familiar with it, no problem at all.  I felt empowered.  🙂 CP, FP, TP.  It’s been  awhile since I’ve really worked on my magic.  I started to earlier this year, but there’s been a lot going on and I didn’t progress with it.  This time I will get a set up and running.  Ideas starting to flow.  I thought of an effect I could add just a little while ago, in fact.

I sorted props this afternoon and this set has its own carrying apparatus now. ie. miniature knapsack.  🙂 Focus pocus! That was the name of my group’s theatre company back at Algonquin College 2003-2004. 🙂

Will start working effects tomorrow.  Here’s a few more prop pics I took before starting to write here tonight:


He’s really quite a handsome beaver, isn’t he? 🙂


“The Table”!  🙂 I still have to make “the tablecloth”. 🙂


The elk! I’ve been thinking of putting them in with the wolves in a spellbound-type effect.  Elk are absolutely gorgeous creatures, I really find them so pretty.  Along with many others, of course, that’s me. I’ve got lotsa company, though, I think, really.

Bears are in…

The bears will be in.  I’ve gone back to researching beavers and there are lots of great connects.  I’ve been thinking bears, beavers, wolves, and moose- not necessarily in that order, though I think I will start with a Grizzly bear coin going into a change purse ie. hibernation. 🙂 Purse will remain in view “over the winter” 🙂 and a special reveal will be made later, in the Spring.  I have a nice prop to tie the bears in with beavers and now I’ll be able to use it.  My sister got me this great pen in Banff, years ago:


I’m thinking of going with Roth’s “The Table” with Canadian nickels, as well.

Wolves have significant links to beavers, moose, and bears, so they’ll be a unifying feature of the set.  I might introduce elk, too.  I’ve got another medal from the Northwest Territorial Mint featuring elk that I think I’d like to use in a spellbound type bit in the set.  So presentation’s coming together,  I’ve settled on effects for the most part, and have been scouting methods.  I think I’m ready to start practicing.  I will be investing in a beautiful bear coin to join the rest of the bear props that will be featured.  I enjoy looking for beautiful coins and I found one.  The 2011 Year of Bear bimetal lira from Turkey. I’ll post a photo once I’ve acquired one of these coins.  Will be practicing with a substitute til then. It’s a coin that will be versatile, compatible with others I have that I won’t be using in this set. I like finding props that I’ll be able to bring in harmoniously with what I’ve already got.  That’s a design challenge, I suppose, and it’s one that I find very interesting.  There’s so much you can do.