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Entirely handsewn (needle & thread in hand!) Combinations by magicalaurie

Searchlight2020 Voting Day 7

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♠ Young Yak Sparrow :)

I’m back at work on a custom card deck I’m making: Magicalaurie’s Custom Cow Cards are in progress! I’m almost done with the portrait of the Jack or shall I say Yak? 🙂 of Spades.  Getting close… stay tuned for more artwork as the deck progresses.  I will be doing a painting for each card of the deck- that’s right, 54 cows… PLUS extra jokers- so more than 54 cows and I haven’t necessarily decided how many more. 🙂 If you like cows- and yaks are included in the family- this is the deck for you.

I was lucky enough to meet this young yak at the Arnprior Fair awhile back. He had a little edge, but was quite gracious in allowing some photos, all the same.  Beautiful creatures. He will be the only yak in the deck, a bit of a special guest, I suppose you could say.

The progress I’ve made with the painting in the last 2 days has changed it’s vibe for me now and he’s starting to make me a little nervous. I think that’s a good sign. Energy’s shifted and he seems a little more wild, I guess more like himself all of a sudden.

It’s been a little while since I did some painting and I’m not sure if I’ve been affected that way before. But I had a rather distinct sense of it last night. ♠


Costume Design

If you check out my posts at The Magic Cafe down at the bottom of the forum in The Clothes We Wear, you’ll see I’ve been working on costume design for the new set/show that’s in development.  Got a few pics today. Here’s one: