Bears are in…

The bears will be in.  I’ve gone back to researching beavers and there are lots of great connects.  I’ve been thinking bears, beavers, wolves, and moose- not necessarily in that order, though I think I will start with a Grizzly bear coin going into a change purse ie. hibernation. 🙂 Purse will remain in view “over the winter” 🙂 and a special reveal will be made later, in the Spring.  I have a nice prop to tie the bears in with beavers and now I’ll be able to use it.  My sister got me this great pen in Banff, years ago:


I’m thinking of going with Roth’s “The Table” with Canadian nickels, as well.

Wolves have significant links to beavers, moose, and bears, so they’ll be a unifying feature of the set.  I might introduce elk, too.  I’ve got another medal from the Northwest Territorial Mint featuring elk that I think I’d like to use in a spellbound type bit in the set.  So presentation’s coming together,  I’ve settled on effects for the most part, and have been scouting methods.  I think I’m ready to start practicing.  I will be investing in a beautiful bear coin to join the rest of the bear props that will be featured.  I enjoy looking for beautiful coins and I found one.  The 2011 Year of Bear bimetal lira from Turkey. I’ll post a photo once I’ve acquired one of these coins.  Will be practicing with a substitute til then. It’s a coin that will be versatile, compatible with others I have that I won’t be using in this set. I like finding props that I’ll be able to bring in harmoniously with what I’ve already got.  That’s a design challenge, I suppose, and it’s one that I find very interesting.  There’s so much you can do.

Cups & “Coins”


So tonight I’m feeling like I don’t want to do the the Victor Coins to Cup in the “new” set. The Chanin Coin Production’s very versatile, I think, so might use it. The aforementioned cups are pictured above. The coins thru cup is a favorite but I really do feel like I’d like to use some different magic.  Presentation goes a long way, but I’m not sure just where to go. Suddenly, beavers pop in to my mind. I’ve considered them before, for coins through mini table- something I’d really like to work on. They could go thru the cup too, hello Canadian nickels. 😉 And I really think the beaver would work really well in a themed set for “Lumbertown Ale House”, yes? 🙂  Got a great “coin”, too, and a couple other prop pieces I could and would like to incorporate. Now we’re talkin’, maybe.  Perhaps there is a reason I start these conversations at 1 a.m. 😉  I was really very tired just around 11 pm.  Was reading Fitzkee’s The Trick Brain- got to page 53, I think.  I like it and I think it will be very helpful- especially with an effect I’ve been puzzling over how to accomplish for several years now- but I got very tired around page 53, for some reason.  That was a couple of hours ago and now I’m wide awake.  Chocolate does that.  And night time’s been my awake time, lately, but I’m wandering…Here’s the beaver “coin” I want to work with.  There’s a wolf and moose, too.  I think the moose would go over well, considering this small town had a yearling cow moose visit and stay awhile in the Spring.  She was a big hit.  Hope she’s well, wherever she may be now.  They move with the seasons and away she went. I’ve got some other coins that will correspond very nicely with these, but I won’t likely be revealing all here. (Maybe a video of the set, later!) You may be able to do the math on your own, though, so, for now, I’ll allow you to do just that. 🙂  The beaver:


Its reverse:


The wolf:


Its reverse, the moose:


Here’s a photo of our moose visitor, Missy, earlier this year- beautiful girl:


I’d like to get some bears in this set, too, but we’ll see. 😉 Of the cups, I’d  really like to use the antique bronze shot glass, pictured above right.  Thanks for your time. More to follow. 🙂